Sunday, December 25, 2005

John Lasker - Itinerant Wanker Supposes Buffalos are ONLY for Crowd Suppression

Here we go again. This dude has gone digging for a fish to fry and instead has turned up a lovely little turd worthy only of a chuckle. Check out this article over at Common Dreams and then read on.

Of course he speculates that the Buffalo, newest vehicle entering the US Army inventory, has a purely evil history and can only be used for the purpose it was originally produced for in South Africa. The dimwit eventually acknowledges that the Buffalo is meant to find and clear IED's, but he buries it so far down in his damning article that by the time you get past the bile and hate regurgitation you are left wondering if a Buffalo can be used for anything other than killing people that throw rocks.

The average person only reads about half of a long article anyway, so all the good things it can do for the US military and the opinions of the people using it will all be missed by this type of lazy reader. Now who would write like this? How about someone that wants to feed the stupidity of the sort of person that is attracted to this sort of writing? Wait a minute! That's where I found this article, so it must be designed to make the average Left-twit believe the Army is now using crowd killing machines to maraud around Iraq.

Good job asswipe. I know he knew what he was doing and his reward ought to be getting a giant knot slapped in his head. I hope he can live with the stupidity he spreads.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jonathan Alter - Wild Accusations from yet another Newsweek Jackass

This dude has apparently gotten his journalism credentials from DU or KOS. He makes wild remarks and froths at the mouth over the so called 'Snoopgate' revelations and then claims that George Bush sought to bury the story not because it was in the interest of national security, but to cover his own ass.

The true revelation is the charge comes from this weasel completely without a single shred of presented evidence.

To top it all off he further speculates that IF the Democrats gain control of the house in the 2008 elections there is plenty to impeach GW on. I am so damn sick of hearing impeach this and impeach that that I can't help but think that the Democrats and the schmucks in the media that outright support them believe the only way they can gain any political power is to litigate it.

Where does Newsweek come off foisting nitwits like 'Sir Jonathan Alter - No Facts Needed!' on the rest of us?! I've cracked on other stupid people writing for them, but this dude really has me angry. Someone please take his keyboard and hit him with it!

Don't believe me? Read the article over at Newsweek.


Monday, December 19, 2005

Nutters so Far Left that all you see is their Ass

The latest round of Nutters - The Leftards have it!

Have you heard that the President authorized wiretapping of overseas calls to people that have known Al Qaeda connections? I have and it is all over the news.

Once again we are hearing the new and improved 'Stinkfest' from the Lamestream media and the Loony Left. I am not sorry to say that the latest pile of garbage about eavesdropping on bad guys being outside the purview of the President and the government is so stupid that even the pond scum must be disgusted.

Let us look at a bit of reality here. The president is doing what? He ordered eavesdropping on telephone conversations between people who have Al Qaeda connections and people overseas, that's what. Why? Do you suppose it is to prevent another attack like 9-11? Gosh, I suppose so. Think very carefully here. People... connected... to... Al Qaeda.

Alright I heard enough.

Article 4 of the US constitution states "Unreasonable Search and Seizure". I figure that if you are known to consort with criminals, terrorists, and what not, you will probably be watched. Correct? I thought so. This is the same exact thing, only listening to telephone conversations these people are having with people outside the US.

So far none of this sounds unreasonable, but wait! The HUGE STINK and indecently the COVER for the STINK is "GW IS SPYING ON AMERICANS"!!! I think Article 4 spells it out perfectly. UNREASONABLE. What sounds UNREASONABLE to you? Listening to grandma give out cookie recipes? Unreasonable, check. How about Timmy calling home to see when dinner is? Unreasonable, got it. How about Akmed calling Osama to get the latest bomb making recipe? DING! DING! DING! I think we have a winner! If the president thinks listening in on conversations with jackasses that chose to associate with people that want to kill Americans, then I say go for it. I hope you catch all of them while you are at it.

Meanwhile, all the talk about impeachment is just pissing me, Mr Ordinary American, right the hell off. The Democrats and the Left have been on one rant, rankle, and spittle fest after another since November 2000 and enough is enough. I am further disgusted with the endless attempts to gain power through litigation. It has to stop somewhere and I think the best way to do that is to vote all the Democrats out in 2006. Bunch of whining damn commie/despot/socialist loving anti-common sense bastards is all they have become. I no longer care for people that have turned so far left that all you can see is their ass. Since that's all we can see then it's time to put the boot to the butt and get rid of them, each and every Democrat, right down to the janitor if he was elected.

If I bothered to list all the outright stupid people that are covering up this bit of news by giving the average American the impression that BIG BAD GOVERNMENT was listening to EVERYONE for ANY PURPOSE AT ALL, I would run out of space on my blog. Shooting them is impossible, but ridiculing and calling them stupid is very possible and I intend to do it every chance I get.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sacred Cow Burgers Sinks the Demonrats!

Sacred Cow Burgers has a hilarious take on the behavior of Democrats. Check it out!

Attn: Explicit Anti-Democrat Party Images


Monday, December 12, 2005

Nathan Paulsen - Anti-War Nutter with Branding Techniques of His Own

This Nathan Paulson has written an opinion piece that is so far off the mark that it might as well serve as the splatter of a cow pie. The only thing he gets right is that the opinions are his own.

He totally ignores that the biggest loudest and most indiscriminant killers are Al-Qaeda. He forgets that most of the people fighting are Ba'athists and Saddam loyalists or are simply paid for doing such simple things as throwing rocks. Yes that's right. These jackasses are known for paying kids to throw rocks. If a reporter sees it he's instantly hoodwinked into thinking it is an anti-American act and will report accordingly.

I also see he's blaming all the worst acts on the American Military. I seriously doubt he's man enough to say that directly to a soldier and instead hides behind his keyboard back in beautiful downtown Minneapolis. The only thing left to wonder about is who paid this schmuck to write crap like he has.

I'm not going to bother to run down all the distortions and falsehoods in his article over in the Minnisota Daily so read it for yourself.

If only he was here. I would make sure to rub some progress in his nose and shove some reality up his butt just to ensure that he knows his form of branding is normally called either complete stupidity or outright lying in order to collect a paycheck.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dykes on Bikes to be Trademarked

This is a nutter case if I ever heard one. Why would people take a demeaning term and use it as a 'label' or source of pride for their group. So they want to be called dykes, alrighty then. Seems a bit too weird to me, but African Americans like using the N-word on each other. Go figure. The article is at

Of course there was more than the supposed lack of proof that the word dyke is derogatory, since they didn't want a clothing chain to use the moniker on a new line of cloths.

Ahh. So it's the money after all.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Attack of the Killer Squirrels

In an article sure to brand the BBC the new 'King of Weekly World News', they report that a pack of squirrels killed a dog in a park in far East Russia.

Read it all over at the BBC News.

Now I've heard of some strange things happening, but a pack of squirrels attacking and killing a large dog? Makes me wonder what's next? 'Giant Flies Suck a Cow Dry!', or maybe 'Mad Worms Attack Fisherman!'.

Please. At least it ain't as bad as watching the Democrats claim 'Iraq is Unwinnable!'.